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3D Scanners

3D Scanners

3D Scanners can help you stream line your 3D printing product development process as it allows you to quickly digitise real world products. The range of 3D scanners that we stock vary between handheld 3D scanners and All in one 3D printers where the 3D scanner is built in.

When choosing a 3D scanner you should think about the volume of the solid that the 3D scanner can accommodate as well as the scan resolution. Depending upon what you plan on using it for will determine how important these different specifications are. The other thing to think about is whether, using the associated software, you are able to combine multiple scans into a single image. This can be very useful, especially with handheld 3D scanners.

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  • XYZ da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3 in 1

  • XYZ handheld 3D scanner 2.0

  • Einscan H handheld 3D scanner

  • Einscan SP

  • Einscan SE