XYZ NFC tag specialty filaments

XYZprinting have produced a range of specialty filaments for those projects which require something extra. Currently they have a metallic copper filament and a carbon impregnated PLA.

The copper filament is great for produced aesthetically pleasing statues and ornaments as it can be sanded and polished with metal polish.

The carbon fiber impregnated PLA is brilliant for producing extremely strong parts for remote control devices, like drones or cars. But also strong brackets.

example remote control car parts in carbon PLA

NFC Specialty Filaments

  • Da Vinci Color PLA – White

  • Black NFC Carbon PLA

  • NFC Copper Metallic PLA


Printer Compatibility

Note: The impregnated PLAs require a HSS steel extruder due to the extra wear the metallic and carbon fiber powder causes on the extruder.

Da Vinci Nano, Da Vinci Minimaker, Da Vinci Mini, Da Vinci Junior Pro Series, Da Vinci Color Series, Da Vinci Super

The CPLA is only compatible with the Da Vinci Color Series.