Da Vinci Junior NFC PLA Filament

We stock the full range of Da Vinci Junior filaments for the XYZprinting Junior 3D printer range.

Da Vinci Junior 3D printers are designed to be very easy to use, that is why XYZprinting designed special junior filament cartridges so that replacing filament is simple.

The filament itself is made from PLA which is a non-toxic and biodegradable bioplastic made from plant starches. It is specially formulated to give highly consistent printing results with no requirements on the part of the user to spend time adjusting print settings to get good results. The filament is manufacturer to a high diameter tolerance with no loss of colour. They are also made so that the finish has a unique translucent property so that the models look great.

We even have business clients that use the Da Vinci junior range of printers and filaments for protoyping designs because of the simplicity of the solution.

NFC PLA Filament Colours

  • Blue XYZ Da Vinci Junior Filament

  • XYZ Junior Clear Nature PLA

  • XYZ Junior Yellow PLA filament

  • White NFC Tough PLA

  • Gold Da Vinci Junior Filament

  • XYZ Junior Red PLA

  • XYZ Junior Clear Red PLA

  • XYZ Junior Neon Green PLA

  • Black NFC Tough PLA

  • XYZ Junior Green PLA

  • Clear Blue XYZ Da Vinci Junior Filament

  • XYZ Junior Clear Yellow PLA filament

  • XYZ Junior Clear Green PLA

  • XYZ Junior Clear Tangerine PLA


Junior PLA Compatibility

XYZ junior PLA is compatible with the following XYZprinting 3D printers:

How to replacing a Da Vinci Jr filament cartridges

  1. First unload filament using the control panel on the printer.
  2. Open the release arm and then pull out the filament with spool axle rings. Arrange it properly for later use
  3. Retrieve filament spool to install the filament spool axle ring.
  4. Take out and separate the filament spool axle ring into its two components.
  5. Install the sensor chip. Please pay special attention to the position of the installation holes on the chip.
  6. Insert the filament spool axle ring components to either side of the filament spool, and use a cruciform screwdriver to tighten and secure the rings to the axle to complete the installation of the filament spool axle rings.
  7. Place the assembled filament spool (with the spool axle rings) on the filament holder on the left side of the printer.
  8. Pull out a section of the filament and insert it into the feed port. Caution: Pay attention to the direction the filament is being pulled out and ensure that the filament spool axle is being rotated in the correct manner.
  9. Open the release arm and push the filament all the way to the bottom so that the front end of the filament is completely inserted into the feed module.
  10. Then load filament using the control panel on the printer.