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XYZ Printing

We stock a full range of XYZprinting 3Dprinters and 3D printer filament including the standard XYZ ABS and XYZ PLA cartridges and refills. We also stock Da Vinci Junior filament for the Da Vinci Junior, Da Vinci Mini, and Da Vinci Nano.

available Photopolymer resins for Stereolithographic printing.

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  • XYZ UV curing chamber

  • Grey Nobel 1.0 resin

  • White XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 resin

  • Clear Nobel 1.0 resin

  • Castable F1 Nobel superfine resin

  • Clear Nobel Superfine resin

  • Red Nobel 1.0 resin

  • Blue Nobel 1.0 resin

  • Tough resin Nobel 1.0A

  • Rigid resin Nobel 1.0A

  • Magenta Nobel 1.0 resin

  • Purple Nobel Superfine resin