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We have some of the cheapest prices for ColorFabb filament in the UK and offer the complete range of colours and materials.

Why use Colorfabb

ColorFabb filament is renowned for its ease of use and consistent print quality. ColorFabb filaments also come in a range of different materials to suite many different applications. So whether you simple want to print in PLA with their famous ColorFabb PLA or you want a strong part made from carbon fibre impregnated filament in the form of their XT-CF20 we have the filament for you. ColorFabb nGen filament is great for detailed work and has a superior looking finish to that of their conventional PLA. ColorFabb HT is a high temperature resistant filament with high durability for printing functional and stable prototypes.

Or, why not give your 3D prints that extra special finish with their speciality filaments. ColorFabb WoodFill and Metal Fill filaments can be post processed like would or metal, sanded, varnished or polished to give a great looking object, fantastic for ornaments and statues.

The latest addition to their range is ColorFabb nGen Flex, a semiflex material with very high temperature resistance ideal for producing both functional and prototype designs where a durable yet flexible product is required.

If you are serious about 3D printing then get high quality 3D printer filament, don’t mess and around and save money by reducing your failed prints.

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