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XYZ handheld 3D scanner

Price: £ 204 (£170.00 + £34 VAT)

3D scan your friends or create replicas of objects around you with this versatile and cheap handheld 3D scanner from XYZ printing

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The XYZ 3D handheld scanner 2.0 is a great tool to have in your 3D printing design workshop. It is a fast scanner that will processes your scans quickly turning your physical world into 3D printable objects. It’s great for creating portraits of your family and friends or producing copies of objects around you.

Want to make a bust of your nearest and dearest, perhaps you would like to 3D print a broken part or just make a gift to someone. This highly versatile, easy to use and affordable 3D scanner will be for you.

The XYZ 3D scanner workshop

XYZ 3D scanner features

It’s easy to use, light and compact so that 3D scanning does not need a lot of large cumbersome equipment and making it easy to set up. One of the advantages over other scanners is that its operating specifications mean that you can scan smaller objects. Also it has to be one of the cheapest 3D scanners available.

The XYZ scanner has two scan modes, one for objects and another for portraits / head shots and the software settings are optimised for these contexts.

You can’t go wrong for less than £150 for a portable 3D scanner.

How to use the XYZ handheld scanner

It’s very easy to use, simply hold in your hand horizontally at around 10 – 70cm away from the target object.  Move steadily around the object trying to maintain a constant rate and distance. This will capture the object from different angles from which the 3 dimensional mesh model will be created. Once you have clicked the button to finish scanning your data will be processed quickly giving you a 3D printable replica.

XYZ  handheld  3D scanner Resources

3D printer Manual



XYZ 3D scanner specifications

  • Supported operating systems

    • Windows 8® (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Operational Characteristics

    • Scan Engine: Intel® RealSense™ Camera
    • Scan volume – Min: 5cm x 5cm x 5cm, Max: 40cm x 25cm x 40cm (head mode) or 60cm x 60cm x 30cm (object mode)
    • Depth image size: 640(w) x 480(h) px @ 30FPS
    • Colour Image Size: 640(w) x 480(h) px @30 FPS
    • Scan resolution: 1.5mm
    • Operating range – Min:10 – 70cm
    • Software: XYZscan
    • Output File types: .OBJ, .STL
  • Connectivity

    • Data interface: Powered USB 3.0
    • Maximal Image Throughput: 30 fps
  • Hardware requirements

    • Intel® Core i5™ or equivalent processor
    • RAM: 4G RAM Basic (8G RAM Recommended)

Note: Devices with Intel® RealSense™ Scan module built-in are not supported, please check the link for devices that XYZ have flagged as not supported.



XYZ Printing


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