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BCN3D 3D printers and 3D printer accessories, including the highly rated BCN3D sigma and hotends.

We stock a range of 3D printer spare parts, including official parts for Tiertime, XYZprinting and BCN3D printers.  If you don’t find what you are after or you have doubts about what part it is you need please get in touch to ask.

Our 3D printer parts range includes extruders, nozzles, FFC cables and much more.

    3D printing products

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  • BCN3D e3D hotends

  • BCN3D Endstop Z

  • BCN3D Sigma Printing surface – Magnetic Glass Plate

  • BCNozzle Hotend for the BCN3D Sigma R17

  • BCN3D Sigma Bowden Superior top teflon Tube

  • BCN3D Cooler Fan

  • BCN3D GT2 X Axis Belt

  • BCN3D Layer Fan

  • BCN3D Sigma R19 Upgrade Kit

  • BCN3D Endstop Y

  • BCN3D GT2 Y Axis Belt

  • BCN3D Endstop X

  • BCN3D Hotend Family Pack

  • BCN3D GT2 Y Axis Main Belt

  • BCN3D R19 Extruder Kit

  • BCN3D Sigma Heated Bed

  • BCN3D Sigma R19 Enclosure