XYZ printing NFC PETG

XYZ Printing have produced a range of PETG filaments for use with NFC compatible 3D printers, primarily the Da Vinci junior, Super and Color 3D printer ranges. PETG is a great alternative to ABS and PLA as it is strong, tough and UV resistant. It also lends itself well to Post-print processing. And, not forgetting it looks very good. The other thing about XYZ printing’s PETG is that it is recyclable.

XYZ Printing PETG filament for use with the Da Vinci Junior and minimaker Printers

XYZ PETG Filament Colours

  • XYZ NFC Clear Blue PETG

  • XYZ NFC Nature PETG

  • XYZprinting NFC Clear Red PETG

  • XYZ NFC Clear Tangerine PETG


XYZ NFC PETG Compatibility

XYZ junior PLA is compatible with the following XYZprinting 3D printers: