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PLA Filament

PLA filament is the easiest filament to print with and produces very good results. If you are starting out in 3D printing then it is best to start with PLA.

The other great thing about PLA is that it is manufactured from plant starches so is by far the most environmentally friendly 3D printer filament to use.

It is ideal for prototyping, printing containers and parts or components that do not require much abrasion resistance. However, it is quite rigid so can be bit brittle. It’s impact resistance is lower than something like ABS filament.

We stock a comprehensive range of PLA from a number from different manufacturers. We Stock our own brand PLA at under £20.00/kg. We are also registered stockist of Tiertime UpFila PLAXYZ printing PLA and Colorfabb PHA/PLA.

Printing with PLA filament

Its advantages are that it is not prone to warping and so does not need a print enclosure or heated bed. Although for best results we would suggest a bed temperature of 40-60°C. It prints at around 190-210°C.

As a filament it produces strong and rigid parts with a very nice finish. Also, whilst printing it does not produce an unpleasant odour.

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