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XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 Open Mode for 3rd party resins


The Nobel 1.0 SLA 3D printer is now able to use 3rd Party Resins (Windows version currently, the mac version is expected to become open in November 2017) using the Nobel 1.0’s Open Mode.

How to implement Open Mode on your Nobel 1.0 3D printer

  1. Update your XYZware Nobel software

  2. Update the Nobel 1.0 Firmware

  3. Open your XYZware Nobel software to create settings in OpenMode

Using Nobel 1.0 Open Mode for 3rd party resins

Firstly, please be aware that print quality is going to vary depending on the quality of the third party resin and also you will have to tweak the settings to get the best results for that resin that are possible.

The Auto-filling function is also disabled when using Open Mode and you are using 3rd party resins. If you are using XYZ resin then make sure you select the appropriate options.

  1. Open XYZware Nobel and select Export or Print from the main screen

  2. In the Export or Print window select Professional on the material dropdown

  3. Create a new profile


Nobel 1.0 XYZware profiles window


The adjustments that can be made, apart from Brim Width are centred on Laser intensity (mW) and Wait Times. We will give a brief introduction as to these different parameters but you will have to experiment.

Sequence of events during printing with the Nobel 1.0 SLA 3D printer from XYZ Printing

Above you can see the sequence of events during the printing cycle of the Nobel 1.0, so that the “Laser control” aspect deals with the first part of the sequence and then there is the “Peeling Control” part (Wait time 1, 2 & 3).

Nobel 1.0 Laser Control

In this section you can determine the power intensity used for curing your resin. This can be further fine tuned by changing the power intensity used on the “Infill” and the “perimeters” separately. The range of power intensity that can be used is 0 – 72mW. “Wait time A” then determines for how long the laser is turned off between each section, in the same layer. Wait times can be between 10-15ms.

Nobel 1.0 Peeling Control

The “Peeling Control” is the sequence of wait times between the different phases of peeling that occur to remove the model bottom surface from the Nobel 1.0 resin tank bottom, raising the height of the model to begin the next layers curing. The different wait times in the Peeling phase of printing are:

  1. Wait time 1: The tank tilts and waits for the polymerisation of the resin. Range: 0 – 65535ms

  2. Wait time 2: The platform then moves up the height of the specified layer height and waits for the specified length of time until the resin has cooled. Range: 0 – 65535ms

  3. Wait time 3: The Nobel 1.0 resin tank then resets and the printer waits until the resin has stopped moving. Range: 0 – 65535ms

The cycle then starts again.

So have fun with the new functionality but do remember all resins are not created equal. Try and pick resins that work within the parameters of the printer.



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