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Ultimaker + Original Build Files

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Ultimaker Original+ Build files available for FREE download – Build your own Ultimaker 3D printer, use it as a parts list or get more involved via Github

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In line with the great open source ethos of 3D printing, Ultimaker have released all the build files for the Ulimaker Original +. We think that this is a great opportunity, if you have the motivation to build your own Ultimaker Original + 3D printer. We have included the download files here for free download, its 56MB in total.

The zip file includes the instruction manual for the build and the files included include a pdf specification sheet for each component and a .STEP file, a 3D CAD file to describe the dimensions. For the electronics its a bit different but these can be bought separately as well.

So it serves as a great parts list at the very least, or if you have your own manufacturing facility, who knows.

The Ultimaker Original+build files have been released to Github so you can add to the project if you so wish or download directly from there.


Happy building

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