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3D Print your own Comet

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3D print your own Comet, the comet that the ESA Rosetta mission is going to land on. isn’t 3D printing amazing. This is a .OBJ file

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The European space agency have released 3D model files of the Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko that the Rosetta space mission plans to land on. We thought that we would give you the opportunity to 3D print this comet for yourself – isn’t 3D printing out of this world.

The associated file is in .OBJ format so you will need appropriate software to deal with it. Our Cubify Sculpt 3D modelling software allows you to import .OBJ files, also many printers allow you to deal with .OBJ files.

The Rosetta satellite is due to make its historic landing on the 12th November 2014 at around 15:30 GMT. So you will need to 3D print your model of the comet and design a suitable model for the Philae. probe (the name of the actual lander that will be released from the satellite) in order to act out this phenomenal event in your own living room. As a quick guide to the conditions that the Philae lander will encounter on the surface:

  • Some Stats

    • Spin axis: Right ascension – 69 degrees; Declination – 64 degrees
    • Water vapour production rate: 300ml/sec (Jun 2014); 1-5 l/sec (Jul-Aug 2014)
    • Surface temperature: minus 68C to minus 43C (Jul-Aug 2014)
    • Subsurface temperature minus 243C to minus 113C (Aug 2014)
    • Gases detected: Water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, methanol
    • Dust grains sizes detected: A few tens of microns to a few hundreds of microns

So get 3D printing. This model would be ideal for the classroom for teachers to teach children about comets and give them a real feel for the Rosetta mission, or even for undergraduate teaching. So why not 3D print you own Comet 67P, that currently resides ~464 million km from Earth.

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