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Nuclear Missile Launch Button

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Get a bigger and better nuclear arsenal launch button with our 3D model file and 3D print your way out of a difficult situation today!

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Have you ever felt the need to have a larger nuclear arsenal launch button than your competitors?

Do you feel that rational behaviour and the intricacies of international diplomacy are lame and that all out nuclear holocaust and the destruction of millions of people is right for you?

Then we have the 3D model for you! Why not 3D print your own nuclear holocaust launch button. You can print it as large as you like and if your friends print larger launch buttons simply scale up the model and print one bigger. The only limitation is your desk size!

We recommend printing it in Red filament or Black. Or, if you have a dual extruder 3D printer why not print it in both. Alternatively paint your button.

So don’t solve those office conflicts with rational behaviour, resort to 5 year old play ground diplomacy and make the world a better place.


Happy 3D printing!


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