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Double Bubble Plane 3D printing model

NASA/MIT Double Bubble plane model

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Build a NASA/MIT Double Bubble plane with these free 3D printer .STL & .OBJ model files. It would even make a good Gift for Christmas. Follow the links to get the build instructions and watch the Video. This is a great idea.

We decided to look around for a model aeroplane kit that could be 3D printed and then glued together. We thought that there would be more models available but we did find this offering by Don Foley. What is noce about this 3D printing project is that Don has documented the process that he went threw as part of this project, which was to create an illustration of a plane for Popular Science magazine and then he created the .STL files so that readers could also print it out.

Here is a video of the printing process:

For details of the concept of the project and how to build the model then please visit Don’s guide.

If you know of any other good aeroplane 3D printer models or similar that can take you back to the heady days of building model planes like Airfix or Tamiya then please let us know.

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