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3D printed Monopoly City industrial and residential units

Monopoly City 3D printed building model files

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Monopoly City Buildings 3D model files. Enhance your Monopoly city game experience by 3D printing your own buildings. Handy for replacing lost units.

3D printing Monopoly City Residential and Industrial Units 3D model files created by iDig3Dprinting, just in case you have lost some buildings.

One of our team was playing Monopoly City but had a problem that they had lost a load of the buildings, which meant competition for buildings was a bit high. But never fear, 3D printing is hear. So he designed some single units which he printed out. So now they have access to an unlimited supply of both residential and industrial units.

The only issue is they are quite small, about 12mm x 12mm (LxD) so a fine resolution is called for with a small nozzle. Here we used 0.17mm but ideally we should go smaller.

Anyway, it’s just a bit of fun.

3D Printer Settings

  • Printer: Prusa i3 Rework

  • Filament: iDig3Dprinting Black PLA

  • Printing Temperature: 215C

  • Bed Temperature: 60C

  • Layer Height: 0.17mm

Happy 3D printing!


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