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3D Printed Kids Construction Kit Adaptor Set

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3D printed children's construction blocks adaptor set available for download, Buy a 3D printer and print these models, your kids will think its fantastic

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A fabulous idea. This kit of 80 adaptors allows you to use different toys construction blocks (Lego, Duplo, Fischertechnik, Gears! Gears! Gears!, K’Nex, Krinkles AKA Bristle Blocks, Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoys, Zome, and Zoob blocks) together. So if you have ever wanted to attach Lego to K’nex, or Bristle Blocks to Lego then this is for you.

It is difficult to put into words what a great idea this is. It opens up endless possibilities for the construction of hybrid models and designs from the most common children’s block construction sets.

Please note that the designers of this kit at fffffat include the caveat that, for example, Lego blocks are manufactured with a precision of less than 10um which is considerably less than most domestic 3D printers like the Cude 2, Up! Plus 2 or the Up! mini  so the strength of the coupling between the different blocks may not be as strong. In terms of materials we would recommend ABS filament  for Lego as it is made ABS, but then again this may not be good for something like Bristle Blocks where you may want a little more flexibility. So experiment with 3D printer filament, different filaments will work better for different adaptors. But why not download the .STL files and experiment for your self.

This kit is provided under the non-commercial creative commons license so you are free to share it. However be aware also that these construction kits have their own IP’s so be careful what you try and do with them.



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