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3D printed CO2 Car designs

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5 designs for 3D printing CO2 cars for a school project to teach your class design and physics principals. Try and get your class to come up with their own designs and have a league to see who's design is best.

Designing and building CO2 Cars makes an ideal 3D printing school project, it brings together aspects of design and physics and teaches your pupils how to use design software and 3D printers whilst thinking about aerodynamics, thrust to drag ratios etc….

Essentially, a CO2 car is a block of material with four wheels attached and a hole in the back that can fit a  CO2 canister. We would suggest that you source a suitable CO2 canister first in order to determine the diameter and the length of the hole but generally they can be around 9cm x 2cm. You will also need to construct a track, or rather have space to race them.

For more information please see our brief guide to 3D printed CO2 car projects.

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3D Printed CO2 Car Project (corben33) / CC BY-SA 3.0

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