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3D printer Filament Counter model files
Filament Counter all components3-1 Gear Stage .STL fileBase Plate .STL filesCounter backplate .STL FileShaft gear .STL fileShaft Wheel .STL FileElastic Hook .STL FileMount .STL fileTension Arm .stl file

3D Printer Filament Counter

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3D print your own filament counter. Download for free these .stl 3D printer model files and build your own filament counter so that you can measure how much filament each project uses.

Here we provide the .stl files for you to print your own filament length counter, designed by UserUnrelated. This filament length counter can be used to tell you how much filament a particular 3D printing job takes. It is designed to be built with the Veeder-Root 742946-201 non-resetable rotary counter and this is currently the draw back. We have not been able to find the same model so you will need to adapt the files in order to build one for you purposes. However UserUnrelated is planning on updating the model to utilise a more commonly available counter.

Other points of note are that the mounting bracket is customised for the aluminium handle of a Printrbot Simple Metal and so you will need to design a mount for your own printer model. UserUnrelated has designed the baseplate so that a mounting bracket can easily fit it. Just design your own.

To complete the model you will also need elastic bands, some bolts and a hole reamer. in the original 1/4 inch shoulder bolts were used. A elastic band will need to be cut and glued to the counter gear for the mechanism to work.

So in short this is definitely a work in progress and it will need adapting to your 3D printer and to your rotary counter. Worth a try as it is a very good idea, which is why we have listed it even though it needs some polishing.

As always we would be very interested to know how you get on and especially in adaptations that mean that it will fit more commonly available mechanical counters.

CreativeCommonsNCSA  Filament length counter (Printrbot simple metal) (UserUnrelated) / CC BY-SA 3.0



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