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3D printer calibration cube – 20mm

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A 3D printer calibration cube to check the accuracy of your X, Y and Z axis. It only takes 35mins to print but is extremely useful

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This is a 20mm calibration cube for checking the dimensional accuracy of your 3D printer. It was created using the guidelines in our guide on creating a 20mm 3D printer calibration cube in Freecad. The results that you see here we tested and printed using a Prusa i3 loaded with 3Dom filaments Ingeo PLA.

How to calibrate your Steps per mm on your 3D  printers axes

You can calibrate your printers steps per min for the different axes by:

e = expected dimension (y = 60mm, x = 60mm & z = 7mm )

o = observed dimension

s1 = current steps per mm

s2 = new steps per mm

so that

s2 = s1 x (e/0)

Printing Settings used

    • Layer Resolution: 0.28mm
    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
    • Infill: 20%
    • Duration of print: 35mins
    • Filament used (1.75mm): 155cm


Model application

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