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3D printed Christmas Advent Calendar
Day 6 Advent Gift3D printed Day 4 Advent Gift3D printed Advent Calender Day 2 Box

3D printed Christmas Advent Calender

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Why not 3D print a Christmas Advent Calendar. This is an amazing 3D printable which would make the ideal 3D printed gift for someone special. There are 51 parts to print to make this Christmas tree shaped advent Calendar, each day contains a unique 3D printed gift. Better get printing.

So we have found something special for you to 3D print this Christmas, its a 3D printable Christmas Advent calendar. This is quite a project, there are 51 parts to print in all so you will need to get cracking, but we think it will be worth it in the end. It is a great piece of design by pleppik.

Basically, its an advent calendar. The structure is made up of 25 boxes, 1 for each day, which fit together like a jigsaw in the shape of a Christmas tree. There is a star for the top of the tree and, of course, there are 25 gifts that fit into the boxes.

So for that special someone you can give them a box with a gift each day of advent so they can build their tree over the Christmas period. Download the Zip file for free and get all the .STL files you will need to 3D print your Advent calendar.

We have lots of different colours of ColorFabb PLA, ideal for printing out the different presents.

Please let us know how you get on.

  • So here is a list of the toys:

    • Day 1: Wrapped Present
    • Day 2: Wrapped Present (with a bow)
    • Day 3: Toboggan/sled
    • Day 4: X-Wing
    • Day 5: Toy Train
    • Day 6: Snowman
    • Day 7: Candle
    • Day 8: Mug (of hot cocoa, coffee, tea, etc.)
    • Day 9: Church With Steeple
    • Day 10: Igloo
    • Day 11: Gingerbread House
    • Day 12: Makerbot Replicator 2
    • Day 13: Christmas Tree
    • Day 14: Gingerbread Man
    • Day 15: Bell
    • Day 16: Candycane
    • Day 17: Tardis
    • Day 18: Snowflake
    • Day 19: Santa Hat
    • Day 20: Toy Drum
    • Day 21: Burning Logs
    • Day 22: Plate of Cookies
    • Day 23: Festivus Pole
    • Day 24: Toy Rocket
    • Day 25: Star


Advent Calendar (pleppik) / CC BY 3.0

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