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3D printable Ukulele 3D model files
Ukulele body .STL fileneck of 3D printable ukulelehead of 3D printable ukuleleFlame extension for 3D printable UkuleleCubePro with 3D printed Ukulele

3D printable Ukulele

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Download FREE 3D printable model files for a Ukulele, designed by Cubify for your 3D printer and get playing the ukulele

We are thinking of putting together a collection of 3D printable musical instruments. So first on our list is this 3D printable Ukulele, courtesy of the people at Cubify, the Blazing Ukulele. Download the free files, the zip file includes the building instructions and start this great 3D printing project.

The printable files are the body, head and neck of the Ukulele together with an additional flame extensions that extends the body. You will have to buy some additional parts: the strings, tuning pegs and glue. On the Cubify website, for the CubePro 3D printer, they specify that it will take about 2 days at 200 microns or ~4 days at 70 microns and use approximately 2 CubePro 3D printer cartridges. You should give it overnight for the glue to dry as well.

This is a great musical project and a good looking ukulele so why not give it a go. IF you build one we would be grateful for any photos to put up. If you create an account before you download you can leave a review of the model files and tell us about your builder experience and what you built it on.


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