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3D printable money clip

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3D print a money clip using this free 3D printable file

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So you have been making too much money out of your 3D printing and now need somewhere to put all those notes that you have been earning. Why not have a go at this simple 3D printable money clip with iDig3Dprinting written on it. It only takes half an hour to print and is very useful, especially for those state side who will have a pocket full on Dollar notes.

It does work and you can try it in different materials. We think it would look very good in CopperFill or BrassFill.

We created the model by importing our logo as a .SVG file into Freecad, the techniques used are the same as in our guide on creating a 20mm 3D printer calibration cube in Freecad. The results that you see here we tested and printed using a Prusa i3 loaded with Flourescent Orange 3Dom filaments Ingeo PLA.


Printing Settings used

    • Layer Resolution: 0.28mm
    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
    • Infill: 30%
    • Duration of print: 30mins
    • Filament used (1.75mm): 1.2m


Model application

File Type


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