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3D printable door latch

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A useful 3D printable door bolt or latch to help keep those bathroom doors locked. 3D Print in the colour of your choice to brighten your home up.

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3D print your own door latches or bolts with our own 3D printable design.

It’s a common item, most homes use them for internal doors and if you 3D print your own you can make you home more colourful by choosing your own colours. This 3D model shows off why home 3D printing can be so useful. You no longer need to keep going and buying door bolts, all you need is this design and you can then 3D print off your own to your hearts content in what ever 3D printer filament that you have and in what ever colour.

We would not recommend this for security purposes, it won’t be terribly strong in PLA filament but perhaps printed in Nylon or another tougher plastic like Colorfabbs XT filament and its security properties would increase.

Using our 3D printer settings it only took 1hr to print and used about 5m of filament, so all in all it is very quick and easy.

So feel free to download the files and please send us some pictures of successful prints and suggestions for improvements.

3D model design details and 3D printer settings

The actual 3D printable door bolt is 10cm long by 3cm wide but of course you can scale the print in your slicer to either increase or reduce the final size of your door bolt. It is an assembly piece made up of 4 pieces with the main housing and the end housing that is attached to the door architrave. The Bolt need to be placed inside the main housing with the hole top side up and then the bolt handle is inserted into the hole. For best results this should be glued in place but the fit is quite snug as is and so can be twisted in.

3D printer Settings

  • Material: PLA

  • Hotend Temperature: 210C

  • Bed Temperature: 60C

  • Layer height:0.28mm

  • Infill:10%

  • Retraction:0.35mm

  • Fan: Auto cooling Max 50%

  • Support: No

  • Raft: No

3D printing time and filament use for 3D printing your own door lock

Model application

File Type


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