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3D print the head of Amenemhet 3rd

3D printable Amenemhet III bust

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Download FREE 3D printable model file to make your own bust of Amenemhet III for your home or a school project. 3D print your own museum pieces.

Here is a very nice scan of a bust of Amenemhet the 3rd made by the British Museum. We found this on SketchFab where the British museum has created a profile that has uploaded a whole host of different scans of artefacts and sculptures of historical importance.

This is a great thing to 3D print as an ornament or perhaps to augment a school project on Egypt. The files are downloadable as .OBJ files.

As a bit of Background to Amenemhet the 3rd, he ruled Egypt as Pharaoh from 1860 – 1814BC. His reign has been regarded as the golden age of the Middle Kingdom. One of his great achievements, although he didn’t get to finish it, was the construction of the “Great Canal”.

So feel free to down load and also check out the British Museums other 3D scans. As always it would be good if you could send us any pictures you have of prints. Please note the 3D model has the top of his head missing, we are not sure why but this seems to be the case for all the British museum scans. Its probably down to the inability of being able to mesh multiple scans together, as can be done with the Sense and Makerbot Digitizer 3D scanners, or its because they did not have the time?


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