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3D print the Mars Curiosity Rover

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Free NASA 3D model files for 3D printing the Mars Curiosity Rover

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This is a great model provided by NASA’s of its Mars Curiosity Rover that they have made available for you to print. There are too versions a simplified version and a larger more complex model. Both come with a set of instructions, they are quite complicated so it will make a real project for those budding space engineers. It would also be great for a class 3D printer project, or you could just drive it around on the floor making Brum Brum noises (not too sure how applicable that would be to the Mars atmosphere).

The curiosity Rover landed on Mars on 6th August 2012 after being launched on the 26th November 2011 from Cape Canaveral. It’s mission was to explore the Gale Crater on Mars, specifically to investigate the Martian climate and geology with the aim of establishing whether Mars had at one time presented an environment that could have sustained life as we understand it. Joint with this is an assessment of the Mars environment for future human habitation on future manned exploration missions.

Instructions for 3D printable mars curiosity rover

As always please let us know how you get on, we’d appreciate some pictures and/or comments on your build and how you went about it.


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