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3D print a Venus De Milo Sculpture

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Want to add to your art collection? Here is a great 3D printable Venus De Milo Statue that we found on Thingiverse.

We printed ours out in white Biome 3D filament which looks great, it gives a lovely silky sheen to the finished model. As always, we printed this on our Prusa i3 Rework using the following print settings:

3D printer Settings

  • layer height: 0.28mm

  • Hotend Temp: 200C

  • Bed Temperature: 60C

  • Infill: 10%

  • Fan: Auto, max 50%

  • Retraction: 0.35mm @ 50mm/sec

  • Bed adhesion: Hairspray with Kapton tape on glass

The are 2 different sized models to print, large or small. The larger model is composed of several different files that are printed out separately and then the parts must be stuck together. We have printed out the smaller model which used about 10m of filament and took 4.5 hours of print time. Using 10% infil with the Biome 3D pla gave it a translucent quality with back light but something like BrassFill may also be a good choice.


CreativeCommonsSA  3D printable Venus de Milo by CosmoWenman (CosmoWenman) / Creative Commons – Attribution license
Model application

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