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XYZ UV curing chamber

Price: £ 348 (£290.00 + £58 VAT)

Get the best results with your SLA 3D prints with the simple and easy to use XYZ printing UV curing chamber. It provides 360 degrees consistent UV curing with its UV LED diode

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The XYZprinting UV curing chamber is a compact and simple to use curing chamber for UV reactive Photopolymer resins used for SLA 3D printers at an affordable price.

The UV curing chamber features a turntable and is surrounded by reflective mirrors. The chamber provides a steady, focused and consistent UV LED light of 16watts power output to cure your resin 3D prints over the whole surface area of your print for consistent curing.

Cure your SLA 3D prints with this affordable UV curing chamber

Compared to the mercury lamp of other UV curing products, XYZprinting UV curing chamber uses UV LED diodes. The light source produces no ozone, which is much more environment-friendly and energy-saving . The lamp life also can last 10000 hours, ensuring the best user experience. . UV LED wavelength ranges 375-405nm. It is not only compatible with XYZprinting resin, including general resin, flexible resin and castable resin. It is also compatible with resin printed products of most SLA 3D printers in the market. The curing chamber is absolutely the best choice for designers, maker and professionals.

XYZ Curing chamber features

  • Elegant Design with Large Curing Space
  • 360 degrees Curing Design To Enhance Durability
  • UV LED Light Ensures Green and Great Experience
  • Versatile Compatibility for All Professionals

XYZ UV Curing Chamber specifications

  • Weight & dimensions

    • dimensions: 35.2 x 25.5 x 25.5cm
    • weight: 0.4kg
  • Properties

    • Compatible material: Photopolymer resin
    • Maximum curing size: 18  x 20cm
    • Curing time: 1-60mins
    • Light Source: UV LED λ 385nm
    • Turntable Payload: 1.5kg
    • UV LED Lamp Power: 16watts


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