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Castable F1 Nobel superfine resin

Price: £ 262.98 (£219.15 + £43.83 VAT)

Cast metal parts and jewelry using your Nobel 1.0A or Superfine 3D printer with XYZprinting’s F1 Castable UV resin for SLA and DLP 3D printers

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Castable XYZprinting resin for the Nobel Superfine SLA 3D printer and Nobel 1.0A 3D printers. XYZ’s F1 castable resin has been specially formulated for lost-wax casting. The properties of the castable resin are similar to wax, and no ash residue is left after burn out. Using a castable resin allows you to turn your highly intricate and detailed models into usable items. It is ideal for both castable dental and jewellery models.

Superfine standard resin is designed to produce high precision, high quality 3D prints with very good surface detail.

Please visit XYZprinting’s Wiki or a complete guide to using this superfine resin.

Using XYZ F1 Castable resin

F1 Castable resin is both soft and brittle like wax so you will need to take some care during the printing process. In terms of model design you should look at minimum wall thicknesses of 0.4mm and a minimum hole diameter of 1mm.

After removing the object from the platform clean with ethyl alcohol at >95% concentration. Alsways make sure to give it the appropriate post curing UV exposure, you can alsways use XYZ UV resin curing chamber.

For casting XYZ recommend the following burnout procedure:

Burnout process for XYZ F1 castable resin for the nobel and superfine

You will need to use it with it’s own resin tank as you need to avoid the castable resin mixing with any of your other resins.

Nobel Castable F1 Resin specifications

    • Material: UV Photopolymer Resin
    • Code: RUCS1XGB00B
    • XYZ resin Model: F1
    • Volume: 2 x 500g bottles
    • Recommended Storage Temperature: 10-32°C
    • Operating Temperature: 20-30°C
    • Compatible Printers: Nobel 1.0 SLA, Nobel 1.0A SLA, Nobel Superfine DLP
    • Viscosity @25°C: 225± 75 cP
    • Density: 1.0-1.2 g/cm3
    • Hardness: 65± 10 Shore D
    • Shrinkage: 6-8%

Nobel Castable F1 Resin Safety Information

  1. Heating of this product is strictly prohibited. Photopolymer resins may generate vapours that may cause human discomfort when subject to high temperatures.
  2. Please keep the product in a well-ventilated space out of children’ s reach.
  3. Avoid skin or eye contact of the un-cured resin. If accidental contact has occurred, please immediately rinse the affected area thoroughly using clean water.
  4. Un-cured resin in the tank may be solidified by pouring to a waste container and exposing to sunlight before discarding. Do not pour the material directly into the sink.
  5. After printing, any un-cured resin on the surface of the printed object must be cleaned away using alcohol

*Note: Images are representative

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