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TPU Extruder for UP300 and Upbox Plus

Price: £ 225.6 (£188.00 + £37.6 VAT)

Tiertime’s TPU optimised printhead for the Upbox plus and UP300 (BC1012). Print flexible TPU filament on your Upbox plus or UP300

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The Tiertime TPU extruder (BC1017) for the UpBox and UP300. This extruder is optimised for printing with TPU flexible filament and is compatible with 0.5mm V5 nozzles and TPU nozzle heater for greater flexibility with print optimisation.

The UPBox Plus and UP300 TPU extruder features:

  • Dual fans for improved cooling – The wind baffle is adjustable so you can redirect the airflow.
  • New top fan guard to protect from the filament going into the fan blades
  • Brass Nozzle V5 with a narrower and finer point for higher print quality.

Note: To avoid snapping off the nozzle heater, please remove or replace nozzle only after the nozzle is heated up to printing temperature.




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