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Robox SmartReel Polymaker Polysupport

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Authentic Polymaker Polysupport SmartReel 3D printer cartridge (MPN: RLH-SPC-SP001) for the Robox Dual Material 3D printer

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Polymaker Polysupport Robox SmartReel 3D printer cartridge (MPN: RLH-SPC-SP001) is specifically designed for use with the Robox dual material 3D printer as a support material. Polysupport was originally designed as a support material for PLA, Robox Hips filament being used for ABS,  but we have found that it can be used as a support material for a range of commonly used plastics.

Why use Polysupport 3D printer filament?

When Polysupport is used in combination with a build material the gap between these materials can be reduced significantly to increase accuracy of the supported sections in some cases a gap of zero can be used.

The advantage of printing a solid support is that you can build much more complicated shapes, this is the great advantage of dual extruder 3D printers.

SmartReel Cartridges are sealed in reusable ziplock bags with a silica sachet in order to maintain the low moisture content required for the best 3D printing. Robox filament has a filament diameter of 1.75mm and the Robox Polysupport SmartReel contains approximately 350grams of polysupport, equivalent to 120m of filament.

Polysupport Print Settings

  • Print Temperature: 225 – 235 °C

  • Print Speed: ~50mm/sec

Whats so special about the Robox Filament Cartridge?

Each reel houses and EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory), which is re-writable memory board. This allows information about the contents of the robox filament spool to be included on the eprom which can then be updated as the contents of the spool change, for instance how much filament is left on the SmartReel or what the printing temperature should be.

The filament is compatible with any 3D printer that can use 1.75mm polymaker polysupport filament but the eprom is only compatible with the eeprom reader attached to the Robox desktop 3D printer.

For information on the qualities of the materials please see our guide to 3D printer filament materials.

Reel Size


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