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RepRap Extruder springs x 6

Price: £ 6 (£5.00 + £1 VAT)

6 3D printer Extruder springs for use with Wades extruder

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6 springs selected primarily on the basis that they would be used with a Wade’s extruder require. they can provide the maximum load of approximately 33N when fully loaded which is within the recommended range of 25-35N required for this extruder. They may also be applicable to other 3D printer applications, for example being used for the print bed, but you will need to check their specifications against those that you have for their required role.

3D printer springs specifications

  • – Free length: 19mm
  • – Wire diameter: 1mm
  • – Inner diameter: ~4.3mm
  • – Max length fully loaded: 12mm
  • – N/mm: 6.62N
  • – Max load: ~33N
  • – for 50mm screw length


If you do buy them and use them on a different extruder in in a different role please tell us so that we can provide user testing information in the product details.

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