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Pro Firm Daylight resin – Grey

Price: £ 306 (£255 + £51 VAT)

Grey Pro Firm Daylight resin by Photocentric is specifically formulated for use with the Liquid Crystal Pro and comes in 5kg bottles

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Grey Pro Firm Daylight resin compatible with  Photocentric Liquid Crystal SLA 3D printers. This comes in 5kg bottles.

Pro firm daylight photopolymer resin is specifically designed for 3D printing large scale objects on the Photocentric Liquid Crystal Pro. Pro Firm Daylight resin is hard with low tensile shear properties. Its great for very large or solid parts or parts with large flat surfaces.

Clean objects once printed by leaving under water in UV light for 10 minutes or longer. The cured material is firm, durable and long lasting provided it is stored in dry conditions away from strong UV light.

Take a look out the all the Liquid Crystal daylight resins.

Photocentric Firm Daylight Pro Resin specifications

    • Material: Daylight Photopolymer Resin
    • Volume: 5kg bottles
    • Compatible Printers: Liquid Crystal 10″, Liquid Crystal Precision, Liquid Crystal Pro
    • Hardness (after post exposure (APE)): 60Dshore
    • Viscosity (@25C Brookfield Spindle 3): 460 cPs
    • Tensile Strength (ASTIM D638, APE): 20MPa
    • Tensile Strength (ASTIM D638, before post exposure(BPE)): 9MPa
    • Elongation at Break(ASTIM D638): 20%

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