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UP! 2 3D printer Perf Board

UP! Plus & Up Mini Perf Board

£20.40 (£17.00 + £3.40 VAT)

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replacement Up! Plus or Up Mini perf board to keep your 3D prints sticking to your bed. Perf boards help to reduce warping of your 3D printed models.

A single, replacement, Up 3D printer Perf Board for either your UP plus or UP Mini 3D printer.

UP! Perf boards are designed to reduce warping, preventing the lifting of the bottom surface of your 3D build project from the build platform. At the start of the build process plastic seeps into the holes of the Perf board resulting in a strong bond between the build project and the platform

How to clean your UP 3D printer Perf Board

To clean your Perf Board simply scrape both sides free of plastic waste using the scraper provided when your bought your UP Plus or Up Mini 3D printer. There is no need to remove the plastic from the holes.

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UP! Mini, UP! plus 2




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