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The Strooder Filament Extruder

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The Strooder filament extruder. Make your own PLA or ABS 3D printer filament, save yourself money in the process. Extrude 1.75mm, 2.85mm or 3.0mm filament

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The Strooder filament extruder allows you to make your own 3D printer filament to your own specifications. Not only does this mean that you can make your own coloured ABS and PLA filament to your own selected diameter and mix of colours but the filament you make is of a high quality with a low tolerance of +/- 0.1mm. This is a great opportunity to experiment with your filament.

The Strooder 3D printer filament maker comes in 6 different colours (Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red) and you can make 1.75mm, 2.85mm or 3.00mm diameter 3D printer filament dependent upon the size of extrusion nozzle fitted. Spare or different sized extrusion nozzles can also be bought. This great filament maker is controlled via a full colour display panel for ease of navigation.

Currently you will have to leave a 20-30 days lead time for this item if we do not have it in stock.

Cost saving filament making

One of the great advantages of making your own 3D printer filament is that it can save you money. Buying raw PLA or ABS pellets can save you money and recycling your old 3D prints is also a possibility.

We also sell Omnidynamics PLA & ABS Pellets in 1kg bags as well as a choice of 5 different colours of masterbatch ( White, Black, Red, Yellow or Blue) so that you can mix your own colours.

To recycle your old or failed print jobs simply break up the filament into small pieces and away you go. We plan to increase the range of different material pellets we sell for the Strooder. With Strooder extruder you could extrude almost any plastic that melts in the range of Strooder such as PP, PET, HDPE, HIPS, PE. Watch this space for more info.

Easy 3D printer filament making with the Strooder filament extruder

Once the pellet hopper is loaded with up to 750g of ABS or PLA pellets there is a pre-set list of options to select from to give you the corrects extrusion speed and extrusion temperature for your material. All you have to do is fill the hopper, make the correct selection and press GO. You can have as much as 90m of filament in an hour. If you want to vary your Strooder filament extruder settings you can and then save them as a new pre-set option. The interface is easy and intuitive.

In order to ensure safety there the manufacturers have eliminated exposed parts and used sensors for detecting over-heating which can then be reduced by in-built active cooling.

  • Specifications

    • Screen: 2.4 inch touch screen, 340×220 pixel resolution
    • Hopper Volume: 1 litre / 700g
    • Pre-programmed ABS and PLA heat and motor settings
    • Extrusion Rate: 0.7m – 1.5m/minute
    • Extrusion Temperature: Up to 250°C
    • Filament Diameters (with selected nozzle): 1.75mm, 2.85mm, 3.00mm
    • Filament Tolerance: (+/- 0.1mm)
    • Colour: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red
    • Input Power: 115 VAC and 220 VAC

Note: There is a possible 30 day lead time for this item

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