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Steel NinjaFlex flexible filament

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Steel NinjaFlex, in 1.75mm and 3.00mm diameter, the flexible 3D printer filament. There is no other flexible filament like Ninjaflex for its soft rubbery quality

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Steel NinjaFlex. Your chance to get 3D printing flexible objects with the world renown NinjaFlex. This is a 0.5kg spool of 1.75mm or 3.00mm diameter Steel NinjaFlex. There really is no other TPU flexible filament like Ninjaflex. It has a soft, rubbery, feel unlike most TPU flexible filaments that means it is great for producing products that need a soft, tactile, feel.

NinjaFlex is also a high elasticity filament with great abrasion resistance that can be used for making objects that won’t break under pressure and do not require the rigidity of other more common filaments like ABS or PLA. This Filament is ~85A on the Shore Hardness Scale. NinjaFlex is designed for direct-drive extruders. It adheres well to the build platform and the bonding between layers is very good. FDM printers that accept ABS and PLA should work fine with NinjaFlex.

Ninjaflex can be used for seals, gaskets, plugs, levelling feet and protective applications e.g. that ubiquitous 3D printed mobile phone case.

Recommended Ninjaflex printer settings

  • Recommended extruder temperature: 225 – 235°C
  • Recommended platform temperature: 20 – 40°C ( Glue and/or masking tape can be used if you don’t have a heated bed)
  • Recommended Print Speed: Top & bottom layers – 10-20mm/s; Infill – 30 mm/s
  • Fan settings: Use cooling fan from layer 2 and up

Ninjaflex resources

Ninjaflex technical data sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Ninjaflex Chemical Resistances

Chemical Resistances


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Reel Size

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