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Red Fire NinjaFlex flexible 3d printer filament
NinjaFlex and SemiFlex comparison Chart

Fire Red SemiFlex

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Fire Red SemiFlex 1.75mm the flexible premium speciality 3D printer filament. High elasticity and High abrasion resistence

Fire Red SemiFlex. SemiFlex is NinjaFlex’s solution for 3D prints that require a little more rigidity and is the newest addition to Fenner Drives inc. stable of 3D printer filaments. SemiFlex, just like NinjaFlex is a Themoplastic Elastomer (TPE) that gives great flexibility, strenght and reliability. It is a bit more rigid than the classic NinjaFlex and is better suited for builds with intricate parts or that require a finer detail. It allows for unsupported vertical printing.

  • Use Guidance

    • Recommended extruder temperature: 210 – 225°C
    • Recommended platform temperature: 20 – 50°C
    • Recommended Print Speed: 30 mm/s

Additional Information

Filament Diameter


Reel Size

500g Spool

Filament type





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