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Ingeo PLA filament Flesh

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Flesh coloured Ingeo PLA 3D printer filament our most environmentally friendly 3D printer filament yet. Comes in 1.75mm. Our Flesh coloured Ingeo PLA filament has a low tolerance, low thermal shrinkage, low emissions and high environmental sustainability.

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Flesh coloured Ingeo PLA 3D printer filament is the result of our efforts to bring our customers a flesh coloured filament, albeit in a Caucasian Western European colour. If we find that there is enough demand for “flesh” coloured filaments we will endeavour to expand our range. Remember, if you would like to get filament of a particular colour please let us know as we are happy to try and help.

One of the growing areas of 3D printing is in the production of figurines, especially where people are making 3D scans of themselves and their friends using handheld 3D scanners like the Sense and iSense 3D scanner for iPads. With our flesh coloured filament you can make them more realistic.

We are currently trialling this flesh filament colour and as such we are only selling in multiples of 4m, so you can buy 4m, 8m, 12m, 16m etc… once demand picks up we will scale up production. If you do want larger quantities then by all means contact us and we can deliver larger orders.

Our Flesh coloured filament is not only a high quality PLA it is also an extremely environmentally friendly 3D printer filament. One of the potential benefits that additive manufacturing will bring is more environmentally sustainable use of resources. printing with PLA filament has the advantage that it is a bio-polymer and is both recyclable and you can also compost PLA. Our Ingeo PLA filament has low polymer thermal shrinkage so that it is good for high resolution printing. It has a low melting point which means that its safer and it also has low emissions when heated so its not very smelly.

Our Ingeo PLA filament is made is made from Ingeo biopolymer and colouring, that’s it. This is our most environmentally friendly PLA. The production process uses 56% less fossil fuels and emits 66% less greenhouse gases than traditional ABS filament production. On top of that it is compostible.

Ingeo is a biopolymer created by NatureWorks . They take naturally occurring plant sugars, like Dextrose, add micro-organisms to turn it in to Lactose and then with the lactic acid molecules they create the polymer that is used in this 3D printer PLA filament.

  • Specifications

    • Tolerance: +/- 3%
    • Glass Transition Temperature: 55-60ºC
    • Melting Temperature: 160-180ºC
    • Approx length on spool: 1.75mm 342m;

Ingeo Cradle-to-Grave certified

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