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Hydrosupport pva filament

From: £51.00 (£42.50 + £8.50 VAT)

Hydrosupport is a soluble 3D printer support filament for improved performance over standard pva filament. Print complex shapes using solid infill.

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Hydrosupport is a pva filament, a soluble support filament that is dissolvable in water. It is great for printing complex shapes with overhangs, bridges and intricate inner geometry as you can use it as a solid infill and then simply wash away in water. Of itself, it has a high tensile strength and feels like PLA filament.

How to use Hydrosupport PVA filament

To use HydroSupport dissolvable filament simply soak for a few hours, the supports can then be easily removed by hand. Alternatively, soak for 12 – 24 hours and the soluble support filament will dissolve completely. You can speed this process up using a heated ultrasonic tank or by using warm water and agitating the water by hand.

HydroSupport is non-toxic, washing it away down the drain will not harm the environment or wildlife.

NOTE: Because HydroSupport breaks down in water, it is sensitive to high levels of humidity in the air. For best results store unused HydroSupport filament in a sealed container with desiccant.


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