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Da Vinci Junior quick release printhead

Price: £ 72 (£60.00 + £12 VAT)

This is the standard Da Vinci Junior quick release extruder that ships with all Da Vinci Junior 3D printers ( RS1J0XY101B ) for the Junior, Junior Wireless, 3 in 1 and Junior Pro

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The Da Vinci Junior Quick release print head module ( RS1J0XY101B ) is the standard 0.4mm model that ships with the Da Vinci junior range of 3D printers.

XYZ printing quick release extruders are very easy to swap, it is a matter of pressing a button and unplugging the cable and then fitting the new extruder back in and plugging the cable back.

The Junior print heads have an in-built smart detection system that allows the Da Vinci Junior 3D printer to perform it’s Z-axis self calibration routine that makes calibration very easy, saving set-up time and ensuring that that all important first layer goes without a hitch every time.

This Print Head Upgrade is compatible with the Da Vinci Junior, The Da Vinci Junior WirelessDa Vinci Junior 3 in 1 and the Da Vinci Junior Pro 3D printers.

Printer Model

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XYZ Printing

Nozzle Diameter


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