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ColorFabb bambooFill wood filament

From: £35.40 (£29.50 + £5.90 VAT)

ColorFabb bambooFill wood effect 3D printer filament. create your 3D models in wood with this speciality 3D printer filament

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Want to 3D print wooden objects then take a look at ColorFabbs speciality BambooFill 3D printer filament. Its made with 80% ColorFabb PLA and 20% recycled Bamboo fibres. This is available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter filament. Printing with ColorFabb BambooFill filament gives a print with a textured finish of a medium brown colour.

ColorFabb PLA is specially formulated to be less brittle than other PLAs (although see our Biome 3D PLA) by the addition of a small quantity of PHA. Each spool comes with a label on the packing that indicates the recommended printing temperature. For stronger prints and better reliability ColorFabb say that you can increase flow rate by 0-10%. This will cause the filament to keep going through the hot zone at a steady pace.

Its time to get experimenting to see what you can make out of wood!

  • ColorFabb BambooFill Use Guidance

    • Recommended extruder temperature: 195 – 220°C
    • Recommended printer bed temperature: 50-60°C
    • Recommended print speed: 40-100mm/s
    • Tolerance: +/- 0.05mm
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