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Castable Daylight SLA resin – Smoky Quartz

Price: £ 69.6 (£58 + £11.6 VAT)

Castable Daylight Photopolymer in smoky quartz by Photocentric designed is used to create high definition moulds for casting your 3D designs

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Castable Smoky Quartz Daylight photopolymer resin compatible with the Liquid Crystal 10 SLA 3D printer. This comes in 1kg bottles.

Castable daylight resin is specially formulated to provide high definition moulds. It will leave almost no ash when burnt and create gas evenly as the temperature is increased, avoiding any pressure build up within the casting. It will capture all the details with a very dry surface to provide the ideal finish to your investment mould.

Photocentric Castable Daylight polymers are water washable meaning that you do not require any chemicals to clean up your model. Simply run under the hot tap and place in a bowl of water and then leave to harden in sunlight for about 10mins.

Take a look out the all the Liquid Crystal daylight resins.

Daylight Castable Resin casting example settings

Daylight castable resin burns out at ~300°C, speeding up at around 375-400°C. There is no Melting point it just burns out. It should be used with a Plasticast investment.

When curing the resin a longer post exposure, 1hr in a UV box / under a table lamp or 2 hrs of Daylight are required but for larger/thicker objects a longer exposure time is recommended.

The example settings from the manufacturer, for casting a ring is:


Speed to T (°C) hold
Preheat 167 0
Insert Flask 167 0
1 °C/min 177 30 min
2 °C/min 732 3 hrs
-2  °C/min Casting Temperature 1 hr


You will need to locate a metal casting business that is happy to cast from resins if you do not have the facilities yourself and it is unlikely that this casting can be run alongside traditional lost wax castings.

Photocentric Castable Daylight SLA Resin specifications

    • Material: Daylight Photopolymer Resin
    • Volume: 1kg bottles
    • Compatible Printers: Liquid Crystal 10″
    • Hardness: 80Dshore
    • Burn: 730°C

*Note that colours are representative


Filament type

Printer Model




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