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Black Nylon CubePro Filament cartridge

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new Black CubePro Nylon 3D printer cartridge. Print strong, print flexible, print durable.

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Black Nylon 3D printer filament for the CubePro is an extremely strong, durable and flexible 3D printer material with good heat resistance, ideal for prototyping and end-use manufacturing products. Conventional 3D printer materials like ABS or PLA have some limitations. Although they are very good for product design they are not necessarily the right material for end use, especially in high stress situations. Using Nylon 3D printer filament will save you time and money in the long run as it allows for the production of consumer testable products. It can also be used to produce short run products of great strength for sports equipment, mechanical gears and anything that needs to be strong.

Cube Pro Nylon filament is available in Natural, White and Black colours.

Why use Nylon for 3D printing

Nylon is a very strong material that has good material memory that means it will spring back to its original shape after it has been put under strain and is also very strong, it’s a engineering grade performance material for the development of functional products. It is a very good material to use for fixtures, handles and levers and can be used to print any parts that would be load bearing and need to be durable under repetitive stresses. It is not ideal for fine detail work.

  • Nylon Characteristics

    • Material: Nylon 6
    • Tensile Strength: 4785 psi
    • Elongation at break point: 22%
    • Strength to weight ration: 174 psi
    • Tensile Modulus: 248005 psi (load bearing capability)
    • Flexurial Strength: 8270 psi (3 point bend test)
    • Hardness: 75 shore

How to use CubePro Nylon filament

3D system’s Nylon filament has been housed in a re-engineered Cube Pro 3D printer cartridge that is hydroscopically sealed to increase shelf life. The new Smart spool has an improved cartridge reader and is designed to be stackable for better storage. Normally an open Nylon cartridge would only last a few weeks but with the new CubePro cartridge it has a shelf life of 1 year. Nylon filament can also be used with the CubePro Infinity water soluble filament so that complex designs can be printed.

For best results print at 0.2mm z-resolution with a “sidewalk” to prevent warping. The design should be orientated such that the direction that requires the most strength is perpendicular to the vertical i.e. so that the pull is along the layers not across them. If you require nylon supports use the Advanced menu options to increase the angle to 75° for large radii. For manual supports please make use of the new feature in the CubePro Slicing software that allows you to add supports in either Infinity or Nylon filament. Open the Manual support option in the software and select the appropriate height of the support from the list.

Nylon filament usually needs to be dried either pre or post printing. CubePro Nylon filament is protected from moisture in its cartridge and will be cured during the printing process so there should be no need for post printing drying.




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