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3D systems Ultrasonic support removal tank to remove 3D printed model support material

Ultrasonic Support Removal Tank

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The Ultrasonic Support Removal Tank is used to easily remove PLA support material from ABS 3D printed models allowing you to print more complex designs

3D system’s ultrasonic support removal tank is designed to be used where one wants to remove PLA support material from an ABS printed model.

When 3D printing complex models with ABS using PLA filament as support material can be very useful (please see our guide to 3D printing filament materials). The ultrasonic removal tank makes the process of removing PLA filament from hard to reach areas easier, meaning that you can build more complex structures from ABS filament secure in the knowledge that you can clean the PLA off afterwards.

The Ultrasonic Support Removal Tank can remove PLA in one of two ways either by ultrasonic vibration with the 3D model immersed in Caustic Soda for 3 hours or with the model immersed in hot water for 48hrs. The former method will dissolve the PLA whilst the later weakens it so that it can be lightly scrapped away.


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