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LIQUID CRYSTAL Pro daylight resin 3D printer

Price: £ 4740 (£3950.00 + £790 VAT)

The Liquid Crystal Pro provides affordable high resolution SLA 3D in a large format for high resolution large build volume DLP 3D printing

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The Photocentric Liquid Crystal Pro stereolithographic (SLA) 3D printer

Photocentric's large format dlp 3d printer the Liquid crystal Pro

Photocentric’s Liquid Crystal Pro is a large volume SLA 3D printer that uses Photocentric Daylight resin so you can make large, high resolution 3D prints at the fraction of the cost of other UV based SLA 3D printers. The LQ Pro has an impressive build volume of 47cm x 24cm x 34cm. A larger build volume doesn’t just mean 3D printing large objects it also means printing lots of smaller objects at the same time so you can speed up your 3D printing workflow.

high resolution large format sla 3D printer by photocentric example 3d print

Photocentric 3D printers use Daylight resin that cures using LCD light rather than laser light. This means that you can have all the quality of an SLA 3D printer with half the cost. Stereolithographic printers use light to cure resin in layers building up a 3D design, they have a greater resolution that traditional FDM 3D printers and are better suited for fine work.

Features of the Photocentric LQ Pro LCD DLP 3D printer

photocentric lq pro screen resolutionThe LQ pro features an ultra high definition LCD panel that uses a 23.8″ display that has a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. The XY pixel size of 137µm gives high precision for fine detailed and accurate model creation, fantastic for designers and the development of products of small size where attention to detail is a prime requisite. DLP printers tend to be faster than traditional laser SLA printers as the whole layer is exposed to light at the same time.

At an impressive 47cm x 24cm x 34cm the Liquid Crystal Pro means you can print very big SLA 3D prints. We think it is the biggest SLA 3D printer in its class and there are not many alternatives SLA 3D printers that can offer such high precision large build volume 3D printing.

Liquid crystal pro by photocentric features a simply to use resin vat system

The Liquid Crystal Pro VAT system is designed to be durable. The vat film is 0.100mm FEP flexible, non-stick film that results in easy release of the printed part from the film between each layer. The vat is sealed by two Neoprene gaskets.

the LQ Pro's large aluminium print plate menas its flat and resistant to corrosionThe Photocentric Liquid Crystal Pro uses an aluminium print plate that gives strength, stiffness and corrosion protection properties. The print plate is perfortaed for the easy movement of Daylight resin. It’s roughened surface finish ensures very good print adhesion properties.

high precision drive usints for the liquid crystal pro by photocentricThe Liquid Crystal Pro features 2 high precision, maintenance free drive units. The drive units provide twice the lift power of the Liquid crystal HR, the Liquid Crystal Pro is built to handle those large models. The utilised Lead screws with their 2mm pitch and anti backlash lead nuts provide high precision positioning. An extruded rail profile prevents any misalignment issues.

Photocentric Liquid Crystal Pro resins

Pro Firm Daylight resin is specially formulated for printing larger 3D prints and is specifically designed for the Liquid Crystal Pro. Pro Firm Daylight resin produces hard objects with low tensile shear properties and in similar to conventional Daylight Firm resin.

The liquid Crystal Pro can also use the full range of Photocentric Daylights resins.

Photocentric’s Daylight resin give one of the lowest cost 3D printer resin solutions at around half the price of conventional resins. Daylight resins also come with a range of different material properties to suite any need, from hard to flexible, including castable daylight resin, great for designers that want to 3D print castable jewellery items or industrial engineers. All resin is water washable so that there is no need for the use of alcohol in post processing.

The Liquid crystal Pro uses daylight resins that are currently available in Pro Firm, Firm, Flexible, Hard, Tough, High Tensile and Castable formulations.

Available types of Daylight resin by Photocentric for the liquid crystal range of DLP 3D printers

So no matter what the job their is a resin that can fit its needs. Daylight resins come in 5 colours: Amber, Cream, Green, Grey, Red & Black (dependent on material and availability).

LC Pro 3D Printer Resources

The Photocentric Liquid Crystal Pro user manual



Liquid Crystal Pro specifications

  • Print properties

    • Technology: DLP
    • Maximum creation size: 47 x 24 x 34 cm
    • Compatible material: Daylight Photopolymer Resin, water washable
    • LCD specifications: 23.8″ 3840 x 2160 pixels
    • X/Y pixel density: 0.137mm
    • Layer thickness: 0.05mm & 0.1mm
    • Cure Speed @ 0.1mm: 50-100 sec/layer (dependent upon resin)
    • resin fill system: Manual
  • Connectivity

    • Wired:USB, Display Port
  • Software

    • Description: Creation Workshop (1 year license, Windows only), Software download available from Liquid Crystal Pro support page
    • File Types: STL, .OBJ & .AMF
    • OS: Windows (not compatible with Mac or Linux), 2GB+ Ram, Dual Core Processor or above.
    • System requirements: Dual core processor or above, 2GB+ RAM, spare display port connection, to run at maximum printer resolution requires a 4K video card
  • Warranty

    • Warranty: 2 year manufacturers warranty
Weight 66 kg

File Type

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Enclosed Print Area

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