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Infinity CubePro Water Soluble Filament cartridge

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New CubePro Infinity water soluble support material 3D printer cartridge. Print complex shapes with ease.

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Infinity water soluble 3D printer filament for the CubePro Duo or the CubePro Trio is a rinse-away support material designed to be used to print complex 3D models. It is easy to use and fast to remove, simply wash away, you can just use the kitchen sink as it dissolves in water and is safe for disposal down household pipes.

What are the advantages of using infinity soluble filament? As it is printed as part of your model the Infinity filament adds integrated support to the model structure that means you can build very complex models, it essentially fills in the gaps, there is no need to deal with unsightly stubs of the more traditional vertical supports. That means you can build models with >45° overhangs easily. It also means that you can actually build all in one articulated models, you simply wash away that support.

Why use Infinity water soluble 3D printer filament

As an Engineer, Designer, Student or Hobbyist using a water soluble support material in your 3D printing means that you can make complex 3D designs without the headache of traditional supports. The support material is printed as part of the model, the negative of the model filling all the spaces that your complex 3D design has in it, supporting the PLA. So if your design incorporates large overhangs or has difficult geometries this material will support that structure. For example, you can print a ball inside another ball, impossible without the use of a dissolvable material to support the inner ball.

How to use CubePro Infinity water soluble filament

Firstly, 3D system’s water soluble filament is designed to be used with CubePro PLA Filament only. It prints at standard resolution, the resolution that you use for Infinity filament does not affect the resolution used to print the PLA part of your 3D model. To remove it simply place your part under running water or in a tub of water and leave to soak. Pliers and a brush can be used to add the final touches if necessary. It should take less than 15 minutes to remove the support material from a medium sized part dependent upon its complexity. As Infinity support material dissolves in water it can be washed down the sink, it is non toxic although don’t eat it, and its probably best to put large chunks of it in the bin. It is essentially “like” PVA.

  • Infinity Details

    • Support material
    • Dissolves in water
    • Can be used in house sinks
    • Safe for house pipe disposal
    • Allows for complexity
    • Allows for movement

We also sell Infinity water soluble filament for the Cube 3.


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