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Grey Z-ULTRAT Zortrax filament

Price: £ 53 (£44.17 + £8.83 VAT)

Grey Z-ULTRAT filament is a Polycarbonate – ABS composite designed for the Zortrax M200. It is very strong and durable, ideal for industrial prototyping

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Grey Z-ULTRAT filament is specifically designed for the Zortrax M200 3D printer. Z-ULTRAT is a very tough, durable and stable Zortrax filament and is a Polycarbonate / ABS composite (PC-ABS). Z-ULTRAT has low elasticity, is not prone to deformation and is very hard. Due to these properties it is ideal for industrial prototyping. Like ABS it lends itself to both mechanical and chemical (Acetone) post processing. Zortrax Z-ULTRAT is available in a variety of colours.

Zortrax Z-ULTRAT Filament specifications

    • Material: PC-ABS
    • Diameter: 1.75mm
    • Weight: 800g
    • Compatible Printers: Zortrax M200

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