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Copperfill speciality metal 3D printer filament
3D printed horse sculpture after sanding and polishing

ColorFabb CopperFill metal filament

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ColorFabb copperFill metal3D printer filament. 3D print your own copper jewellery with this speciality 3D printer filament

ColorFabb CopperFill 3D printer filament  is a  metal impregnated 3D printer filament. Bored of printing plastic looking parts? Why not make Copper sculptures and 3D print in metal. without post-processing your 3D printed model will have a matte metal, almost laser sintered finish. If you want something more why not get out the sanding paper and smooth the finish and then buff with copper polish to give you a shiny copper finish.This metal 3D printer filament is great for making sculptures or jewellery. It is 3x heavier than regular PLA and so what ever you produce will also have that heavy quality to it.

If you would like to see what you can do with CopperFill 3D printer filament the please take a look at this Bass Guitar that we printed and also our horse sculpture.

Testing by ColorFabb has shown that 3D printers with metal hot ends produce the best result, like those of the makerbot replicator 2. Note, that if your hot end uses a teflon isolator coupler it can cause adhesion of the filament that may lead to clogs so would not be recommended for novice users.

This is available in 1.75mm or 2.85mm diameter spools weighing 750g

  • Use Guidance

    • Recommended extruder temperature: 195 – 220°C
    • Recommended printer bed temperature: 50-60°C
    • Recommended print speed: 40-100mm/s
    • Tolerance: +/- 0.05mm

Additional Information

Filament Diameter

1.75mm, 2.85mm

Reel Size

750g Spool

Filament type







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