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ColorFabb BrassFill 3D printer Filament

ColorFabb BrassFill metal filament

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ColorFabb brassFill metal3D printer filament. 3D print your own brass statues with this speciality 3D printer filament

Get ahead of the game with Colorfabb‘s latest contribution to metal infill 3D printer filaments, BrassFill. If you are tired of making objects in ABS filaments or PLA filaments and want a shiny metal finish why not try 3d printing in metal. BrassFill is slightly softer than ColorFabb’s BronzeFill or CopperFill speciality filaments and when post-processed BrassFill gives an amazing golden shine.

This is new so your probably not going to find it anywhere else.

BrassFill filament is sold in 1.75mm or 2.85mm diameter on a 750g spool.

When it first comes off the 3D printer your model will have that laser sintered matte finish.If you want something shinier just sand and polish to give it a fantastic bronze finish. Its ideal for making jewellery and because of the brass particles, it even has that heavier, metal, feel.

For best results you will need to increase the flow rate by 4-8% although this will depend on your machine. For the best shiny finish start sanding with 120-180 grit sand paper then work your way up through the grades to 600 and finish off with a soft cloth and copper polish. The filament sands easily so be careful that you do not over-sand.

This filament is experimental according to ColorFabb, they are …”still working on the formulation to get the best possible performance”. The best 3D printers for BrassFill are those with direct drive extruders, like the Makerbot replicator 2 or the Prusa i3. Printers with Bowden tube set-ups don’t tend to produce the best results with this filament currently. The filament is softer than their other metal infill printer filaments and so you need to be careful when applying pressure to the filament and also to try not to over stress the filament with your retraction settings.

We would be very interested to see any results and hear of your experiences with this filament so please make an account before you buy so that you can leave comments. Send us your photos and we will add them to the product listing (if appropriate).

  • Use Guidance (taken from other ColorFabb metal infill filaments)

    • Recommended extruder temperature: 195 – 220°C
    • Recommended printer bed temperature: 50-60°C
    • Recommended print speed: 40-100mm/s
    • Tolerance: +/- 0.05mm

Additional Information

Filament Diameter

1.75mm, 2.85mm

Reel Size

750g Spool

Filament type







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