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3D printer nozzle cleaning filament

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Keep your 3D printer nozzle in good condition and help extrusion consistency by using our specially developed nozzle cleaning 3D printer filament

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EasyPrint 3D printer nozzle cleaning filament has been specially developed to help clean carbon deposits from your 3D printers nozzle to improve extrusion consistency and help keep your 3D printer in tip top condition.

How to using cleaning filament

It is best, every time you change materials, to load up your cleaning filament into the extruder and to extrude. You don’t need to print it out on the bed, just extrude into thin air. The cleaning filament is specially designed to work across a wide temperature range so that it can clean your nozzle of carbon deposits when you either change from a high temperature material to a low temperature material or vice versa. It can be especially beneficial to use EasyPrint cleaning filament on smaller than average nozzle sizes where blockage is a greater risk.

Our cleaning filament comes in 50g packs, that’s about 10m. This is enough to do ~100 cleans at roughly 10cm per cleaning event.

Cleaning Filament Specifications

    • Filament Material: cleaning filament
    • Spool weight: 50g (approx. 10m)
    • Diameter: 1.75mm & 2.85mm;
    • Print temp: 200-280°C
    • Bed temp: NA
    • Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.03mm
    • Spool size: sample pack
    • Store in a cool and dry location (15-25°C) away from UV light; for best results use within 12 months of purchase.
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