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Bargain Bucket

From: £12.00 (£10.00 + £2.00 VAT)

Our 3D printing bargain bucket where we sell old stock off at rock bottom prices, so grab your self a 3D printing bargain

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The bargain Bucket is the place were we can sell off unwanted stock at very low prices. In general it consists of odd spools that we no longer need ourselves or older stock that we think would be better being sold sooner rather than later.

This is an opportunity to grab yourself some bargains. We currently have no idea what we are going to put in here, probably mainly filament. All Bargain Bucket filament is sold unopened and sealed by the manufacturer.

Items are subject to stock availability, so get in quick.

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Current bargain bucket products

  • 3D printer filament: 3Dom ABS 3mm 1kg Fluorescent Orange x 2

  • 3D printer filament: 3Dom Biome 3D 2.85mm 1kg White x 1

  • 3D printer filament: 3Dom Ingeo PLA 3mm 1kg Sky Blue x1

  • 3D printer filament: Colorfabb Brassfill 1.75mm 750g x3

Note: Please be aware that this is generally old stock. Although for hardware this is not generally an issue for consumables like 3D printer filament this may mean that the material is not in optimum condition so buyer beware. We do not offer refunds on these items.

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